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God's Word Changes Lives.

Life can be hard. We all have struggles, suffering, and sin that can be difficult to deal with. At Fellowship Bible Church, we seek to help people live in light of the powerful truth of Scripture, by the assistance of the Holy Spirit, to the glory of God. We believe that the skillful application of God's Word to life brings real change. 

  • What is Counseling Like at FBC?
    A first counseling session will be mainly focused on learning more about you, your life, and your struggles. This allows us to speak into your life with more wisdom from Scripture. We will also assign "growth assignments" throughout counseling to help you put what you've learned in counseling into practice. The following sessions generally last about an hour, and begin with a general check-in, a review of "growth assignments," and further biblical counseling. We also ensure that male counselees work with male counselors, and female counselees with female counselors.
  • Who Can Receive Counseling at FBC?
    Our counseling ministry is available to members of FBC and to anyone from the community.
  • How Much Does Counseling Cost?
    There is no charge for our counseling, but you may be asked by your counselor to purchase books or other supplies as part of your sessions.
  • Are You Licensed Counselors?
    Our counselors are not state-licensed, which allows us greater freedom in discussing the Bible in a counseling setting. However, our counselors are certified or in the process of being certified by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors.
  • What is Biblical Counseling?
    Biblical counseling is the wise application of Biblical truth to the struggles of life in the context of a compassionate relationship.

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